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Diary Of A Photographer: ‘Whenever I Shoot Weddings’ By Udimee



WHENEVER I SHOOT weddings, I make up my mind in advance to have as much fun as possible. I have already shot two this month in Lagos, there is another next weekend and after that, we’re off to Lebanon to have that wedding I talked about a while ago. I will share some photos. Back to fun, nothing should be too serious, not even weddings.


LAST weekend, I shot the wedding of one whom I consider a friend. I promised her that I would not tell a story so… anyways, she has a really unassuming voice so when I saw her on the dance floor, I thought, “Get out the door!” She danced so well that the poor guy had to give her room from time to time. As the night wore on, things got even more heightened and her head wrap fell off. She had neat cornrows that she did not want to show to the world.

IT ONLY took a second after the “gele” came undone that it came to me. “This dance has to go on,” I must have thought. Then I ? (ran) onto the dance floor, talked to the groom, grabbed his hat, and handed it to the bride. She put it on and danced on! “And so the day was saved; thanks to The PowerPuff Girls!” Or in this case, thanks to the wedding photographer. The unfortunate incident was immediately forgotten and the ? (party) went on like it had never stopped. I will always have memories of that incident with me.

I RARELY post wedding pictures even though I shoot weddings because I want to be able to do other things other than weddings every weekend but weddings are fun and should be. Often when couples call to book me, they go, “That’s expensive!” And I would go, “How much would you like to pay?” They would mention something like 50% lower and I would go, “Ummm…are you fun? Will I enjoy myself? Are you too crazy about each other? What’s your love story?” IF I AM satisfied, I would give a discount and shoot the wedding. Sometimes I even shoot for free. It is all about the story, moments. Couples need to decide to have fun at their own wedding. I could not stress it enough. That said, I will give away a free wedding shoot in August.

Writeup & Photo Credit/ Instagram – @udimee

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