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Looking For A Night Out You Won’t Forget In A Hurry, Head Over To Shores Dinning On A Friday Night.



Hi guys, it’s been a minute here… welcome to another edition of my review on the best things to do in Lagos. Last week Friday, I decided to go clubbing after a very long time. I haven’t been to a club in ten years. It has been that long.

Where I Went

On Friday night, I went to a restaurant called Shores dinning. Shores dinning is located on Victoria Island, Lagos. I have passed the restaurant a couple of times during the week without noticing much activity happening there. However, I had stumbled on a post on Instagram saying they were having a gig so I decided to attend.


Shores Dinning has space for a few cars… let’s say about 8 cars so if you arrive early, you may get a place to park on the premises. I got there late so I parked my car on the road with the help of a security guy.



I got to Shores Dining at about 11 pm. Upon my arrival, I was warmly welcomed by the doormen. The ground floor of Shores dinning is their quick-service restaurant which was closed. The grand stairwell takes you up to the main restaurant on the first floor.


The top floor at Shores Dining was where it was happening.

The spectacular dining area was jam-packed with people. Girls and guys were having so much fun. Dancing, and talking, it was a full house, and I couldn’t find anywhere to sit. A waiter welcomed got me a nice seat on the terrace where I could still enjoy all the fun inside. The bar was something else, very classy and very busy, with people ordering drinks, guys sitting at the bar talking.



I honestly do not know the DJ that played that night but the guy did a good job. He kept playing back to back hits with the crowd chorusing to the songs, people were dancing and vibing from one latest jam to another. The DJ did great job.


The crowd was young, very vibrant. Dressed very well. It was a good clean sophisticated crowd.



Shores Dining is easy on the pocket. Drinks and food are affordable and you don’t have to break the bank to have a good time.


I had a good time. It was fun for me because the music was great and I could easily people-watch. I strongly advise you to go with friends… you would have more fun than a solo hangout.

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