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The Acts of ex-Anambra Governor Obiano’s wife



At yesterday’s inauguration, Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu, Nigeria’s former Ambassador to Spain and wife of the Late Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, was among those who arrived early at the venue. The ceremony was underway when Mrs Ebele Obiano came in and went straight to where Mrs Ojuwku sat, about four seats away from the seat reserved for her.

She began to nudge Bianca’s shoulder violently. Bianca got up and hit her, headgear removed. The audience was shocked. Cameras rolled, android telephones snapped pictures and recorded videos while the dirty exchanges lasted.

The genesis of the quarrel between Mrs Obiano and Mrs. Ojukwu dates back to 2019, during the general election. At the primary, Bianca was running for Senate and was backed by then Governor Obiano, Ebele’s husband.
But her hope to clinch the ticket was dashed at the last minute. Obiano’s wife disagreed with her husband .

After a deal with Pastor Nicholas Ukachukwu, an Abuja-based politician, who would call himself prince today, tomorrow deacon, or pastor et al. He got the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) ticket.

The former governor caved in under the weight of his wife’s pressure. But APGA was humiliated at the poll. The people rejected the candidate.


Bianca, who was dumped at the 11th hour got angry. She turned down overtures to forgive the former governor’s wife.

Mrs. Obiano came late when the inauguration was taking place and insisted she must drive into the arena. The security agents told her there was no space. But, after a long drama, she was forced to walk in to the arena. It was a short distance. Less than a minute.

Three events happened.

At the launch of a book written by Ike Chioke on Obiano, 500 distinguished Anabrarians were honoured . The highest honour, Grand Commander of Anambra State, was bestowed on the governor’s wife, among others.

Three years ago, she was given an honorary doctorate degree by the state-owned university, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu University. The former governor was the visitor.


Whatever she decided was final. Whatever she wanted she got, except on Soludo’s governorship.

For eight years, she was dreaded and most violent. After her husband’s re-election, she said she was going to be in charge and run the state for four years.

“Willy ran the first term,” she won the second. How? She claimed she influenced her husband’s victory.

Mrs Obiano was propping up Ume Orji in place of Soludo, but her husband said it was Soludo.

She said Soludo won’t be loyal and that APGA would lose. The husband said no. The last day to the primary, between 11:30 and 1 am. She insisted Ume Orji should be the candidate. The husband refused, telling her he’s the husband. “You must listen to me. I am your husband.” She flew into a rage , and ran out of the house.


It took the combined efforts of men of the Department of State Service (DSS) and Police to stop her at their country home in Aguleri.

She was half-clad. She began to hit people with broken bottles, about four people in the house.

She was compelled to back Soludo.

Credit: The Nation

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