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Personalities Of The Event Industry: Meet Emmanuel Oyeleke of Emmanuel Oyeleke Photography



Emmanuel Oyeleke is a celebrity photographer with high taste for quality. In an exclusive chat with H.EB, he bore his mind on what birth the idea, what stands him out, how to manage clients among other issues.

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H.E.B: Kindly introduce yourself and give us a snap shot from the beginning of your career till date?

Emmanuel Oyeleke:  My name is Emmanuel Oyeleke. I am a photographer. I specialize in fashion photography, wedding photography and beauty photography. I am basically into lifestyle photography. I started my career in the year 2012 and that was the first time I had my first encounter with photography. I started photography so that i could tell stories of my many travels and that was how I got into photography. It’s been 4years
H.E.B: How many weddings do you cover in a year?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: Its usually an average of about 20-25 weddings yearly and and we already had  3 weddings this year.
 Helen: How do you make the bride, groom and bridal party feel relaxed in front of your camera?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: Its not something you do on the d-day rather its something you do before the day. I think it’s best to get to know your client, it’s best to know who they are, what they like even before the day of the wedding. I’ve learnt to be friends with my clients and not just be clients. At extreme occasions I’ve invited them to movies and stuffs. We hang out together even before the wedding. So it comes naturally when you do that beforehand .You prepare their minds. You tell them what they need to know before hand and it just works fine for you.
H.E.B: How do you keep yourself up to date with new photography techniques and styles?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: I read blogs, internet, videos, I attend photography workshops,travel. That’s it basically.
H.E.B: The vibrancy and clarity of your work clearly stands you out. Can you tell us how you achieve these effect?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: Basically, we don’t have an option. The equipment’s are there, the technique is there. There’s a place of the technique, and there’s a place of equipment and there’s a place of the quality of light you use. Basically, photography is painting with light so the quality of light given at any point in time will determine the quality of your pictures eventually. It has to do with the light, it has to do with the eye, it has to do with your technique and there’s a place of experience too. I think basically that’s how it’s achieved.
Helen: What are the highlights and breakthrough moments in the growth of your business?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: I think every new job is a breakthrough moment, every new call I have is a breakthrough moment. I like to think of tomorrow as a breakthrough because whatever I did yesterday is in the past and am looking forward to doing better tomorrow.
H.E.B: How much input does your client have in choosing the best shots?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: The client has 100% input but I guide them in doing so.
H.E.B: How do you cope with other people taking pictures while taking your photos?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: Well, you just have to learn to be very sneaky. Get your shot without being conspicuous and try to avoid conflict. If need be make friends with them so that when you tell them what to do they’ll listen to you and if not be affirmative as the case may be.
H.E.B: How do u get your client to think outside the box with you?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: I’d just suggest it to them and make them see the image before you even create it  and give them a vision of what it’s  going to look like, give them a vision of what to expect when they see it and then they’ll buy your idea.
H.E.B: What inspires u?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: Basically nature inspires me. Works of great artist inspire me.. every little thing I see  inspires me. Arts in itself inspires me.
H.E.B: Who do you admire the most in the photography world?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: I don’t really have someone at the moment that I’d say I admire most but then I admire a bunch of people. I’ve learnt from their work. I’ve gotten inspiration from them and I admire a whole lot of them and if I keep mentioning names I probably won’t leave here today.
H.E.B: Canon lover or Nikon lover?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: I Love whatever gets the job done. But I use canon
H.E.B: If you were to pick one lens to work with till eternity, which lens will you
Emmanuel Oyeleke: 85mm
H.E.B: What sets you apart from
your competitors?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: I think every little edge, every little push, I give to make my job outstanding. I think that’s what sets me apart. I think the fact that I would rather get it done the right way that’s what sets me apart too. And I think everybody have their own little print; is just like your thumb print. There’s no two thumb print as the same. So I think my individuality sets me apart, who i am sets me apart.
H..E.B: If someone said to you ‘How do I become the next Emmanuel  Oyeleke’ what would you say?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: I’ll tell them to become themselves. You really can’t become me. You can be better.
H.E.B: How has Social media helped your job?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: Social  media helps in a lot of ways, these days u have to be social media sarvey to push out your jobs, you just have to have some kind of presence out there. It’s gone beyond print now it’s more of the online social media. You just need to have lots of traction as the case may be. Basically I think it makes your brand larger than you. Because you are reaching out to a whole bunch of people and you can do much with social media.
 H.E.B: How do you unwind after a big
Emmanuel Oyeleke: I listen to good music H.E.B:
Words to live by?
Emmanuel Oyeleke: Just do it!
H.E.B: Thanks your time
 Emmanuel Oyeleke: Thanks for your effort.
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