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Dairy Of A Photographer: ‘JASON’ By Udime



After my nephew was born, I came to understand why parents are so attached to their babies. On the morning of his birth, I hurried into the private ward and saw this pink handsomeness rolled up in someones arms. His maternal granddad was holding him and he had a soft look in his eyes such as I had never seen before. His daughter had just given him a little miracle.


He was very adorable and I was on hand to take the first photos of him. I remember the way he winked in the first few photos of him. Later, we all laughed at him and joked that he would be great with the girls. In the days that followed, he grew into such a cute little man that I could not help falling in love with him. It has been three years already and now, he can talk. Recently, I made an audio recording with him, one that is now my ringtone in which he asked me, “Uncle, do you like moi-moi?” He has an incredibly cherubic voice, one that makes my heart melt all the time. Few things excite me like taking walks with him and watching him study. We have grown close and I have come to admire him very much. He makes me want to be a parent.

This past weekend, I went to make some pictures of my college friend, Yukkay’s son. He was turning one and she wanted some pictures at home ahead of the event. I have photographed Jason before for fun but that was a long time ago when he was only a few weeks old. He was so cute and we made so many lovely photos that choosing one to share has proven to be a Herculean task. I have settled with this one. The kid was really spirited and exciting to work with, so much so that I was screaming my voice hoarse in admiration.

Kids have got to be one of the maker’s biggest blessings and I hope that every family out there will have the honor of raising precious little cherubs just like this one. Have a blessed night everyone!

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