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Personalities Of The Event Industry: Meet Wunmi Abayomi Johnson, MD/CEO ‘ Eru Iyawo Concepts’



Consistency, Patient and been Humble are the trait you need to succeed in event industry. Meet Mrs ‘Wunmi Abayomi-Johnson that took the risk of leaving the job that payed her good sum of money to start her own business “Eruiyawo”. Though fear of unknown try to hook her down, but she was determine never to give up.

Wunmi eru iyawo

She started 2009 with my own wedding in oct 2009 but her first official client was in Dec 2009. The consistent and successful business woman told us about herself, career, reputation in event, and more during her chat with HEB.

Helen: Kindly introduce yourself and give us a snap from the beginning of your career to date.

Eru Iyawo:  My Names are Mrs ‘Wunmi Abayomi-Johnson. i Study Electronic and computer engineering but specialised in network design. I worked as a cisco design specialist for 4yrs both in private and public sector. I decided to leave paid employment 2yrs after I got married even though fear of unknown held me back a bit because i had started Eruiyawo Small Scale while working. Eruiyawo started 2009 with my own wedding in oct 2009 (wrapped my own eruiyawo and return gifts)  but my first official client was in Dec 2009 (what i did was a marriage proposal letter). With the help of my husband we settled for the name “Eruiyawo Concepts” for the coy so that without too much explanation you already have an idea what our Services are. It was a rough and slow start, trying to help people appreciate how there tradition and culture can be well celebrated and well presented. Although before now it was the “alagas” that does all the Eruiyawo presentation but i carved a niche for myself to see what was missing and what i can do to enhance our culture.  Before i forget a major part of my story, back then in secondary school and university, i helped people source for gifts and have them beautifully wrapped. I always pay for this wrapping which i felt haba!! why na, so i decided to pay attention whenever am at the store to wrap things. That was how i picked my wrapping skills. I have paid my dues in the course of building the name, challenges of sourcing for unique craft materials, people stealing your work, gaining client’s trust, having to deal with crazy and lazy staff. Here i am today even though am not where i want to be yet i am proud of what Eruiyawo has become.

Helen: What is the most memorable event you have worked on?

Eru Iyawo: I have so many now but the very first was Tiwa’s wedding . I really out did myself, spent a lot of time preparing for it and was happy with the outcome. That job gave me major popularity especially on IG.

Helen: What are the personality traits that are required to succeed in the event industry?

Eru Iyawo: You have to very tolerant, patient, respectful, friendly, humble and hard working.

Helen: Where do you go for creative inspiration?

Eru Iyawo:  I have craft books, internet and my environment.

Helen: Why do you love your job?

Eru Iyawo:  Love my job in plenty ways ooo can’t describe sha……..

Helen: What is the craziest request you have ever had when planning the bride’s gift?

Eru Iyawo: Wanted me to build an underground gift corner which will possibly involves plenty things o

Helen: What did you ‘learn the hard way’ on the job?

Eru Iyawo:  How to stick to my prices and getting trust worthy people.

Helen: It’s event day – heels or flats?

Eru Iyawo: Definitely flat!!! Heels bawo……

Helen: What song always gets you on the dance floor?

Eru Iyawo: Any of olamide’s song.

Helen: What is your drink of choice at an event?

Eru Iyawo: Bailey’s or Chapman

Helen: How do you unwind after a big event?

Eru Iyawo: Hmmm, that’s what i really don’t do ooo . Most times relax at home with my IPad beside me or watch series.

Helen: Describe yourself in two words.

Eru Iyawo: Very hard-working and easy going.

Helen: Favourite type of food?

Eru Iyawo: Pasta with steamed mix vegetable.

Helen: Words to live by?

Eru Iyawo: “The secret to success is how consistently you work for it “

Helen: What are the major challenges in the Nigerian event industry? 

Eru Iyawo: The industry is way over saturated as a result of no proper policy, price crashing.

Helen: A lot of people make mistakes when starting off a business. Kindly tell us the major steps to take when venturing into Eru Iyawo business in order to avoid these mistakes. 

Eru Iyawo: Major thing is knowing where to get good craft materials, most importantly sticking to your line of business which really helped my brand because a lot of people advised me to go into wedding decoration but I said NO because I want to be known and very good at what I do which I feel paid off .

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