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Party Gist: Service Boy Bathes Guest With Chapman



Hi everyone, how’s your week going? Thanks for leaving encouraging comments on the blog. I really do appreciate. So the gist this week is from a party I attended a few weeks ago at Ilupeju. I had attended the event with a friend and my friend’s other friend’s lol… One of these friend was a nursing mother. On our arrival at the venue, we quickly picked a table that hadn’t been filled so we could all sit together. The nursing mum sat next to me. Of course the event had started but we had arrived just on time as they were about serving food. Although, as we took our seats, a service boy had served us drinks. While we were seated and enjoying the good music the band was dishing out and looking at young ladies, guys, women and even the older guys dancing to the good songs from the band.. the caterer’s service boys had started serving food.

party gist 1

Soon, our table got served with food and a few drinks which wouldn’t even go round. Few minutes later, I noticed the service boys from the cocktail section had started serving cocktails. The favourite of most parties being the popular Chapman.  Though the glass cup wasn’t filled and I couldn’t just wait to have a glass to myself. So, I and the nursing mum who was with her baby sat ‘jeje’ when we felt like cold rain was failing on us. It was a glass of Chapman, apparently a service boy was trying to squizz himself in-between two seats when a guest from the other table mistakenly hit his tray.

While we were both trying to figure out where these cold rain had come from and using almost a pack of savieet to clean the drink on her and her baby.. The service boy had disappeared. Nobody knew where he went without saying a single word. Unfortunately for us, we couldn’t event recognise him in the midst of a whole lot of service boys.

This brings me to a few questions

  1. What are the criteria event vendors consider before hiring a service boy?
  2. Do they go through some sort of training before they are being hired or they are left to learn on the job??
  3. After been hired, do they still undergo trainings?

A lot of these boys have questionable behaviours. I’ve also attended a party where a service boy had stolen about six cartons of wine. Unfortunately for him, he was caught and was almost beaten to stupor. I’ve also heard of how some of these boys steal items belonging to the guests or sometimes, a guest could call the attention of the service boy and he ignore’s the guest. They just have a handful of bad behaviours. Before you hire a vendor for your event, please make sure the vendor has good sense of humour, well mannered, well behaved service boys who would deliver the best service to guest. Service boys that will leave your guest wanting you to throw another gig.

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