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Weddings, they say, are once in a lifetime event and the brides are usually known to prepare and anticipate this unique day of transiting from spinsterhood to being married. It’s therefore not shocking to see brides-to-be ensure all things are put in place to make their day outstanding and leave their guests stunned and in doing this, wedding cakes concepts and designs amongst other things,are given to cake designers who in turn make their dream wedding cake a reality.                                                             
However, in the case of the popular events baker – ‘sweet indulgence’ , she ensured her wedding guests were more than astonished at the sight of her wedding cake and left everyone swooning over the cake which is about seven tiers coupled with a white horse of about six feet tall. This cake is unarguably a unique one and it’s far from the norm.                                                                         

We at Helen Event Blog, more than love this cake and applaud sweet indulgence. She has further proved to be an extraordinary baker! We also wish her a happy married life! What do you think about this cake? W’d like to know.

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