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How Some Brides, Groom To Be Borrow Money To Do A Massive Wedding & Impress Others… Forgetting That All Fingers Are Not Equal…




This is in relation to all brides and grooms to be out there especially the brides … The rate at which some brides to be this days want to impress others and make their wedding the talk of the town thereby borrowing money to do a massive wedding. Have you thought of the outcome? how you would survive after the wedding ? As long has you have your loved ones around you for that day, that should do.. Your priority should be your marriage life after the wedding !! Fingers are not equal … Everyone should cut their coat according to their size.. when you puts a constraint on your wedding it is not pride… it is Wisdom
I got a gist from a wedding that took place plate about a month ago.. the groom booked a hall at a popular hotel in Lagos. He didn’t have money to buy a new wedding dress for his wife, he didn’t have money to pickup the dress they rented from the laundry store… his colleague had to borrow him the money he used in collecting the cloth..It was so bad that he didn’t have money to organize a befitting traditional marriage… his friends had to contribute money for him to rent canopies and chairs. The decor for the event was shabby. A day before the white wedding, he was under so much pressure because the person who promised to borrow him the car they were going to ride in wasn’t picking his call.. There are ways one can actually avoid these things .. you can have a low budget wedding that would look like over a million naira was spent on the event. The first step is to determine the budget for the event and try as much as you can not to exceed that budget. Don’t get carried away by all the paparazzi you see on social media…

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