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Wedding Budget Of Nigerians Cross N100 Million Mark In 2014




Well – heeled Nigerians have raised wedding budgets skywards with scores of the richly endowed and blessed surpassing one another with mind-bogging sums to please couples and guests. From wedding attires, invitation cards, Aso ebi, venues, decorations, entertainment, food and drinks, and other associated costs, rich compatriots have no limits on what to splash on nuptials. The fabulously rewarded have always taught us how to put good money into spectacular events. And as far as the eyes can see lavishing dozens of millions on shindigs is not new at all. This year alone, from the nuptials of President Jonathan’s adopted daughter, MD of First Banks daughter Bisi Olatilo daughter’s daughter, P’square , Hajia Bola Shagaya son, Senator Florence Ita Giwa’s daughter and many more, the ceiling was effortlessly scaled. Ceremonies formalizing the union of lovebirds have been elevated to very big business, and enterprises attending to these needs are springing up by the day. Lucky and very good service providers in the industry are making big money. And the new entrants are finding their feet in the sector which has turned many into millionaires. With cost centers that glamorize events, transforming them into fairy tale ceremonies, it is not difficult to cross the N100 million threshold.


After the engagement is announced, couples who are blessed to have rich parents willing to splash their nuptials begin the spending game. Elaborate pre-wedding photo-shoots, by renowned and specializes photographers, are plotted. Scenic locations, many times out of our shores, are picked for remora tic shorts which are later documented in either special publications, reception programmes and DVDs, apart from photo- book. The shoots are elaborate as crew members of the photographers, make-up artistes and stylists are involved. Many times,the photo shoots take several days, and all those involved are paid well. For the package alone, good and experienced photographers can pocket between N250,000 to N360,000, excluding travel cost.


Elegant and classy invitation cards, from the simple to the elaborate are making their way into the social scene. The well-travelled pick regular but exquisite cards without fuss. While those who want to make an impression vote for box invitation card. Many if such cards are printed abroad, and some come with gifts such as brooches. The cards start from N1,700 per unit to about N10,000.



Special teams are set to manage information about the nuptials- and from compiling guests list to reminders and distributing Aso ebi and accessories, the dedicated staffers are in charge. Notification starts with letter, intimating guests about the forthcoming nuptials enjoining them to save the date. The invitation card and Aso ebi follow, and several reminders. Many times, the management of this office is awarded to a consultant, usually the event planner whose fee is between 5 to 10 percent of total cost.


From pre-wedding photo-shoot, introduction and engagement and the nuptial proper, well appointed grabs and accessories are chosen by those who are willing to splash on other items on the budget. So, elaborately considered apparels, from the most exclusive designers are bought. Remember, the couple have many ensembles adorn for the pre-wedding photo-shoot. For introduction and engagement, there are more traditional attires and accessories to wear. And the wedding demands the most gorgeous they can find. The wedding gone is specially commissioned, as well as the after wedding attire. And some start at $15,000. The groom also picks the best suit and accessories he fancies, with designer duds beginning at $10,000. The wedding party as well as the couples’ parents and extended families also wear special aso ebi. The engagement ring and wedding bands might well be the most expensive item when we are talking clothes and accessories. Prices can settle at $20,000 upwards. Gems and stones come tops for those who have the money.



The wedding party always chooses surprise. And one of the ways to dazzle is the choice of car, limousine or horse carriage that ferries the couple to church, reception and home, for Rolls Royce to Range Rover, Limousines, horse drawn carriage, many companies specialize in providing luxury and unusual mode of ferrying range from N150,000 to N250,000 and more for eight hours.


One of the cost elements is the makeup-up artistes fee. To beautify the bride and enhance her good looks or totally transform her visage, a makeup artiste is hired for the engagement and wedding. From the early hours of the day, the artiste is glued to her client and apart from the major transformation of the morning, she’s on hand to dab one or two things on the bride’s face as the ceremonies get underway. Makeup artiste charge N120,000 to well over N200,000


Banquet halls and grand ballrooms, majestic marquees and choice locations abroad have hosted some of the most extravagant receptions. Eko Hotel &Suites,mOriental Hotel, Sheraton Hotel & Towers, This Day Dome and many more grand locations are the venues of choice among the rich and famous. And millions of naira exchange hands for the exquisite locations with some crossing the N5 million mark. Those who opt to move their weddings abroad from Dubai, UK, or Maldives, have to factor in the cost of flight and hotels for gurpests and wedding party. Big venues cost an arm and leg, with Eko Hotel &Suites leading with N8m for the Expo centre and Oriental Hotel charge N5m for their grand Ballroom. Some marquees cost N5m and 3m. The field of Tafawa Balewa Square in Onikan attracts N5m, excluding the cost of marquee and associated miscellany. When you use a hotel, don’t forget that cost escalate… With food per person going for N8,000 finger foods N4,000 and champagne N35,000 per bottle,



The trendy and well exposed who don’t cut corners usually welcome their guests with finger foods and drinks. As soon as they make their way to the reception venue, they are treated to soft music, canapés and small chops by well decked waiters. After spending hours in church, event organizers reckon guests will be hungry and thirsty but before the real food comes and the wedding train arrives, the finger foods and cocktails perform the magic. High-end small chops go for N1,500 and regular starts from N350 to N450 per head. Cocktail command N800 to N1,200 per glass.


There are top notch event decorators who transform venues into majestic places and spots where splendor and elegance rule. From the tables and chairs, object d’art positioned everywhere, flowers and props, event venues are turned into magnificent enclosure. Everywhere shimmers and glitters in beautiful symphony. From the entrance through the carpeted walk-way and hall or marquee, the decorators stamp their signature of refinement everywhere. There are all sorts of themes, and scores of different raised dais and seats for the couple planted for all to see. Decor and lights can set you back by N8m to N50m.



High-flying DJ’s , popular bands and musicians are also ranking in big money from weddings, skyrocketing the cost of hosting family and friends at civil ceremonies, the couple and their friends prefer young and versatile DJ’s who can mix and churn out danceable melodies to thrill and titillate their friends. And this element cost N350,000 to N1m. The well-endowed also throw in popular singers, the young and raves of the moment who have hits everyone loves. They charge about N1m to N10m. There are bands, from classical music to juju and those who sing everyone’s tunes, and demand about N600,000 to N1.2m.


The reception is anchored by a popular master of ceremonies or several, and many I times comedians are thrown in. Many comedians are combining the role of master of ceremonies and laughter merchant and smiling to the bank. Those who don’t card about cost invite veteran broadcasters or more known celebrity anchored for their reception. For a few hours job, millions exchange hands. Many ask for N800,000 to N2.5m.


There are videographers who capture weddings Hollywood style as if they are on big budget films. Like the photographers, but with more elaborate gadgets, they follows bride and groom everywhere from the morning of the nuptials and record all the happenstances which are later edited into interesting keep-sake. It is uncommon to see cameras flying in the air and over head to record events. These elaborate productions don’t come cheap and many music video directors and producers are making big money from nuptials now. good ones are from N600,000 to N2.5m.



Experience photographers with modern gadgets and well-plotted areas of coverage, usually accompany the groom and bride from their homes or hotel rooms to the church , reception and after party events. They capture almost every moment on the glorious day, taking pictures of the couple’s attire and accessories, as well as when makeup is being applied and as they adorn their beautiful apparels. The photographers are never far away all through the day. They negotiate for N600,000 to N2m depending on the number of ceremonies and photo books.


From buffet to plated, Multi-course meals are on offer at highbrow nuptials. Nigerian delicacies, continental and Chinese are usually on the menu. Those who care offer starters, main dishes and desserts. Food caterers ask for between N3’500 to N5,000 per head. From water to wine, spirits to champagne and beverages and beer, everything is available. Drinks bill sometimes cross the N20m mark for those who splash champagne afield. Don’t forget wedding cake which can start at N1.2m to N3.5m



One of the fastest growing areas in events staging is provision of security guards and there are many urban private companies providing young men and women kitted in fanciful uniforms to help secure guests and venue. Big and bulky and menacing, they keep away mischief makers and uninvited guests. They are paid from N10,000 and N15,000 per guard.


Gifts are oftentimes distributed to guests as mementoes, especially to those who adorn Aso ebi. Apart from the couples families, friends and associates also join in handling out their own gifts to guests. With names and photographers of the couple, different items, from the most expensive to the mundane are distributed. At some of these occasions, expensive gifts are distributed to guests from Plasma TV Sets, Water Dispensers, iPads, High-end phones, Rolex watches.


Beautifully packaged programmes are becoming common at weddings of A-listers. Packed with information about the couple, sometimes with interview and pre-wedding pictures, and the day’s programme of events, the publications are becoming keep-sakes.nthese packages can attract from N400 to N1,000 per copy.



Those who don’t cut corners lavish the couple with expensive gifts, from a house to cars and more. Lucky bride and groom get a home they can call their own or an automobile to start life with on a good pedestal. Some have ‘received’ apartments in the better part of town , and many have been handed keys of luxury cars. At a wedding the groom got a N38 million Rolls Royce.


For every public event, journalist are invited and some of these media outfits are paid for the coverage. Feel-good magazines and Colourful weeklies as well as popular TV programmes can command millions of naira, depending on the number of pages or duration of the ceremony featured.

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  1. tokunbo benson

    December 3, 2014 at 4:28 pm

    This is a very informative article. But can one host a nice classy wedding on budget?

    • Helen Ozor

      December 9, 2014 at 7:05 am

      Yes I can

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