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It is now a norm in Nigeria for people to spend so much (sometimes more than they can afford) on a wedding. This is seeping into our culture in an unmistakable way. Visit Instagram at any given time and you will find a plethora of photos centered on the concept of achieving the ‘perfect’ wedding.
This week, we will be looking at one of top priorities of every To-Be-Bride- “Wedding Makeup.” Bridal makeover ranges between N20,000 and N1,000,000 (in some cases).
So, we asked some ladies how much they would spend on their wedding makeover. While some said they would like to keep it simple, others want to look their best, and wouldn’t mind spending a fortune to get that look that they so desire.

We randomly asked some aspiring couples and young couples what they would not compromise for their wedding, no matter the cost. Well, we got quite a number. So, this week, we will be discussing Photography. Photography is very important in every wedding planning because the pictures are what’s left after the wedding is over. There are quite a number of good photographers in Nigeria.
While some couples prefer the conventional album (with printed pictures), others prefer to go with the modern photo-book-like albums (which is usually advisable because it is water resistant). Depending on the quality of the pictures, one can find a good wedding photography between N100,000, and N1,500,000. Some even go as far as having up to 3 professional photographers.

Quite a number of To-Be-Brides always look forward to what their traditional attire would look like on them. Nigeria is rich in culture, and so are our traditional outfits. A complete traditional attire can cost between N 100,000 and N500,000. Some brides try to cut their budget by buying not-so-expensive lace materials, as most of these traditional wears can’t be re-rocked (because of the thickness and ‘wedding-look’ of the fabric).
So from wedding makeup to photography to traditional outfits

In your opinion, how much would you spend on your any of this? Would you go for the traditional French Lace and Aso-oke or just keep it simple with Cord lace and head-tie? Would you go all out with you make-up or keep it modest? Would you hire celebrity photographer?
Let’s know what you think.


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