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First Glimpse Of The World’s Largest Beaded Wedding Gown Which Took Over Three Years To Make, Weighs Almost 400Ibs And Boasts Nearly 1million Individual Embellishments.




At almost 400lbs with a 20ft train, the world’s largest beaded wedding dress is unlikely to ever be worn by an actual bride.
Dressmaker Gail Be, of Edina, Minnesota, has been working on the gown for the past three years and says she is finally ready to display the lavish creation, which she describes as ‘a work of art’. The 57-year-old, enlisted the help of 22 other seamstresses to complete the epic challenge. The dazzling masterpiece, which she says will be completed in December, boasts 995,000 glass and crystal beads that she has collected from around the world.

According to the Guinness World Records site, the record for most crystals on a wedding dress is 45,024 and was achieved by Özden Gelinlik Moda Tasarim of Istanbul, Turkey, in 2011. Ms Be doesn’t actually expect a bride to walk down the aisle in the heavy garment, but would like it to be featured on film or in a museum.

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