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Seven Types Of Parties You’re Likely To Attend Before The End Of 2014



Everyone loves a good party. Since the end of the year is getting closer, there would be lots of parties to attend. So here are the seven parties you are likely to attend before the end of the year:

1) Christmas Party: Everyone looks forward to Christmas. Christmas is just a few months away and a lot of families, friends, colleagues are probably planning a christmas party and as you read this, your name might have just be written on their guest list.

2) End of Year Party: You are likely to attend a few end of the year parties. It could be a corporate function or a school function.

3) Wedding: The party season/wedding season is here. So you’re guaranteed to attend more weddings than u imagined.

4) House warming: It’s not too late for a friend’s parents or your friend to finish up a building project. You’re sure to attend a house warming party if that happens.

5) Reunion: This will be seen as a good opportunity to catch up with some friends from high school.


6) Family Party: Some people love them, many try to avoid them, but in the end, all will be in attendance. Why? Because you’re family.

7) Customer Appreciation Party: If you’ve been someone’s regular client. You’re likely to attend a customer appreciation party. If you haven’t been a regular client, a friend of yours might just be and you might as well be asked to tag along.

8) Birthday Party: Everyday is someone’s birthday. Yes, and the invites would keep popping in. A birthday gig before the end of the year could just be underway.

Whatever you do, make sure you have a lot of fun! And do remember that a party would not be fun without you and that’s why your name was written on the guest list.

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