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PEOPLE: My Encounter With Nollywood Actor, Femi Jacobs, ‘Mr M’ In Rita Dominic’s Movie ‘The Meeting’




Have you watched Rita Dominic’s movie ‘The Meeting’? If you have, do you remember ‘Mr M? The guy in the movie who wanted to see the minister. If you haven’t seen the movie then you have to grab a copy ASAP. I saw him live for the first time at a movie premiere. I also spoke to him briefly and took sometime to evaluate his kind of person from afar. And I must say I was quite impressed. First I’ll say the guy is a ‘perfect gentleman’, his calm, talks softly. He has the kind of voice that could put a lady to sleep lol. His charisma is out of this world.

He is absolutely well composed, neat, he kept to time and was calm all through the red carpet session. Do you attend events very well and have you notice how some of these celebs hustle and do shakara on the red carpet? Sometimes, they even snob the media guys who want to take pictures of them or conduct an interview with them. He didn’t snob anyone, he was patient, extremely calm and well behaved.

I can’t say for sure if he would change later when he becomes one of the most sought after Nollywood actors but for now he his someone you would say hi to and he would gladly respond with a warm smile. When you see him, before you say anything to him tho, make sure what you are about to say makes a lot of sense.

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