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Have You Tried Cold Stone Ice-Cream At Dominos?




The few times I’ve been at Domino’s Pizza G.R.A branch, I know one thing is
sure, parking is always a problem. The few times I’ve been there I’ve never
parked my car in the parking space, rather I park along the road with the
help of the security guards but this time, I had to find a place to park
myself because none of the security guys were in sight.. I wasn’t even sure
if my car was safe. All I wanted to do was park the car and go get a
sumptuous Cold Stone Ice cream.

As I arrived at the door, the petit security lady welcomed me with a smile
of course she opened the door so I didn’t stress myself trying to pull the
door.. I saw a few people placing their order for Pizza and some people who
already made their order, I didn’t have any business there so I just made my
way upstairs to place my order for the ice cream..
Rather than placing my order, I decided to sit for some time, while seated,
I noticed that most of the guys and ladies who came to buy ice cream where
about my age between 15-30years, younger than that were mum’s who came in
with their kids.. Seriously speaking, if you taste that cold stone ice cream
ehn! It’s possible you spend your entire salary in buying ice cream every
day! No kidding o!

There was something I wasn’t cool with though! The floor was dirty, usually
when I go to places like this, immediately customers step out there’s
usually a cleaner to sweep and mop the place. That wasn’t the case at Cold
Stone GRA Ikeja The floor was a mess for over thirty minutes and nobody
came to clean, that is a real put off. The tables and chairs were clean,
that was a relief..

I also like the fact that Cold Stone spot in GRA Ikeja is a place where you
can take a few of your friends to just to have a good time.. Nothing
serious, just chat, have ice cream or you can even buy Pizza and just
chill… Or better still, take your girlfriend there. She would love the
It’s not like the normal eatery where you have music playing in the
background but you can watch TV though!
I bought the “Love It Signature” ice cream for the first time and I really
loved it.. It cost N1200 with the topping. They have different kinds of
toppings. You could have peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, cookies or cake..
There are several of them to choose from and several flavours of ice cream

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