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Can You Eat From A Traditional Clay Pot? A Modern Way To Serve Chinese Rice At Your Next Event




I attended an engagement ceremony at a popular event center in Lagos and found something quite unusual.. When you attend an event where Chinese rice is been served, usually, the rice, spaghetti and sauce are served in the same plate but in this case, the sauce was served in a small traditional clay pot while the rice and spaghetti were served in plate.. The caterer came to the venue with a gas cooker. The sauce was heated and placed onto a tray.. Gosh! You could see the steam .. I bet you would salivate at the sight of the pot.. I couldn’t help but take pictures.. I had the opportunity to speak to a staff of the caterer for the event and I asked why the sauce was being served separately and in a traditional clay pot for that matter, he said the sauce is best served when it is hot and guests enjoy it better.. I think it’s not everybody that would be comfortable eating from a clay pot especially when we know what the Yorubas’ do with it.. Anyway, I think this unique idea is another distinct and awesome way to wow your guests during a small family event in your house or you could hire a caterer to take the stress off you.. Can you eat from a traditional clay pot?

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