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New Revelation: Navy Seals ‘ Took Turns Dumping Hundreds Of Bullets’ Into Bin Laden’s Dead Body In 2011 Raid




Special Ops sources have claimed that the Navy SEAL team unloaded multiple magazines full of ammunition into the dead terror leader’s corpse
Some think the alleged excessive treatment is the reason why the Obama administration has not released the ‘death photos’ of the al Qaeda leader
White House has always said that any photos of his dead body or sea burial would be used as propaganda by terror cells

Excessive? A new report claims that Osama bin Laden was shot more than a hundred times by Navy SEALs in the 2011 raid. Special operations sources have claimed that the terror leader was shot more than one hundred times in the fatal 2011 raid. A new report from a website known within the intelligence and armed services community claims that the sheer number of times that Osama bin Laden was shot is the reason why the government has never released photos of his dead body. Citing two confidential sources, The Special Operations Forces Situation Report tells how ‘operator after operator took turns dumping magazines-worth of ammunition into Bin Laden’s body’.

The site goes on to argue that while the Navy SEALs may have felt it was ‘morally, legally, and ethically appropriate to shoot the body a few times to ensure that he is really dead and no longer a threat,’ that does not justify the extent of this damage.
‘What happened on the Bin Laden raid is beyond excessive. The level of excess shown was not about making sure that Bin Laden was no longer a threat. The excess was pure self-indulgence,’ author Jack Murphy writes. At the time of the assassination, President Obama and his administration argued that they were justified in never releasing the photos of the dead body or the burial at sea because they could be used as propaganda for al Qaeda. The new theories, however, suggest that they are just trying to avoid retribution for allegedly being excessive.

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