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MH370 May Have Been Hijacked By Someone With ‘Significant Flying Experience’ – Says Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak




Investigators have said that someone with ‘significant flying experience’ hijacked flight MH370, switched off communication devices and steered it off-course. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak (right) admitted ‘deliberate action’ on board the plane resulted in it losing connection with ground crews. After the announcement, police in Kuala Lumpur searched the home of pilot Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah as authorities continued to search for explanations as to why the plane vanished. It was also revealed the plane flew for a further six-and-a-half hours after it lost contact with the ground, and could have travelled as far as Pakistan. The rescue operation has now been concentrated to two areas (main) one ‘corridor; which extends from northern Thailand to the Kazakstan-Turkmeinstan borde and area which opens out into the southern Indian Ocean. Devastated relatives (left) are still waiting for news on the whereabouts of the 239 people on board, a week after the aircraft disappeared.

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