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10 Reasons Why 2face Idibia Is Greatest Artist Of This Generation



The words greatest and legend are used very loosely these days, but there are a few people worth that title, and 2face Idibia is definitely 1 of maybe 3 of those acts in the new generation with the others still proving their credentials.

With out talking too much let’s get into why we think 2face “Innocent” Idibia is the greatest! And while you do that, insert that good ole Implication tune.

10. Because you can still play African Queen today and get the mood started.

9. Because he has the best track record of any new generation Nigerian artist over the past 2 decades. I mean have you taken a look at 2face’s resume?


8. Because he can Kolombi your sister, and you really wouldn’t mind. Admit it.


7. Because he has 6 children by 3 different women, and everyone still thinks his marriage with his former side chick is love destined to be from the start. He’s pretty much the only person allowed to do that.


6. Because he doesn’t do BS songs for politicians for money or quick prestige. If you remember a song did a politician please let me know.

5. Because everyone forgives him for this bleep song he did with Jim Iyke. It’s hard to do so, but we forgive you 2baba!


4. Because he has escaped death on more than one occasion; A Car accident(2011), and an armed robbery attack (2007) come to mind.


3. Because he has won over 40 awards both locally and internationally. When you find a Nigerian artist in this generation that has up to half of that wake me up. Let’s not even get into the nominations.

2. Because his album Face 2 Face is still better than 90% of the Nigerian album currently in the market. Don’t believe me? Listen to it, then listen to an album released in the past year.

1. Because most of his mates that he came into music are all insignificant now or fading away into oblivion. 2face though, is still one of hottest names in the music business.


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