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Veteran Nollywood actor, Fred Amata, has every reason to be thankful. According to him, Tuesday night’s 4.4 magnitude earthquake that hit Los Angeles, United States took him by surprise.

Sharing the experience with his friends on Facebook on Wednesday, Fred said he was still awake in bed in an undisclosed location in the U.S city when he felt his bed shake.

His posts partly read, “Life is Beautiful. Last night in Los Angeles, I experienced the first ever earthquake in my life. Reports say it was a 4.4 magnitude on the scale, with a 2.7 aftershock. I snapped out of limbo, my bed was moving shaking firmly from side to side. I did not have the faintest clue what was happening.

He further disclosed that he was wide awake and saw how his bed continued to shake firmly from side to side, as the earthquake subsided and a 2.7 aftershock followed briefly.”I did not have the faintest clue what was happening. It was over too soon.” he wrote.

Fred said his thoughts raced to the supernatural as he contemplated what could have happened. The actor said as he was wondering whether he had imagined his bed moving a few minutes earlier, before his film producer nephew, Jeta who reportedly relocated to Los Angeles in 2010, called him to ask how he felt while the earthquake lasted.

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