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Organisers of popular reality TV show, Gulder Ultimate Search, are up to something. Although they have not disclosed the ultimate target of their evolving game, there is a scheme for fans to choose the person considered the best champion to have emerged since the programme came on stream in 2004.

In this wise, many participants are likely to be puzzled by the beauty, valour, candour and other attributes the winners may variously possess.

The champions, popularly called “Ultimate Men”, who have emerged from inception till date are: Ezeugo Ewuagwu (2004), Duncan Chambliss (2005), Hector Joberteh (2006), Dominic Mudabai (2007), Michael Nwachukwu (2008), Uche Nwaezeapu (2009), Oyekunle Oluwaremi (2010) and Christopher Okagbue (2011).

A statement from the organisers adds, “Viewers can also have their say in choosing the best individual to have anchored the show so far. The list includes Chidi Mokeme, who anchored the first two seasons (2004 and 2005) and Austin ‘Tintin’ Imevbore, a former on-air personality, who anchored Season 3 (2006). Bob-Manuel Udokwu has been the show anchor for the past five seasons (2007 – 2011), while Dare Art-Alade co-anchored Season 8, which was held in 2011, with Udokwu.

Followers of the programme also have the option of picking which of the eight seasons that have been beamed on TV screens, from 2004 till 2011, is their favourite. The question, still, is: What do the organisers have up their sleeves?

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