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Peju Ugboma’s Death: Coroner Indicts Premier Hospital Doctors For Medical Negligence



The Corona inquiring into the cause of death of Lagos-based pastry chef, Peju Ugboma, has indicted the doctors at a private hospital, Premiere Specialist Medical Centre, for negligence.

The coroner, Magistrate Mukaila Fadeyi, said that the “only logical conclusion that one can reach is that the deceased died as a result of a combination of lack of due diligence and adequate investigations of her health status before embarking on the surgery, substandard care, inadequate monitoring and the failure of appropriate response to abnormal patient’s vital signs”.

The Magistrate, Mukaila Fadeyi, made the statement while delivering judgment at the Magistrate’s Court in the Ogba area of the state. His verdict is coming almost two years after the mother of two died after suffering internal bleeding following an elective hysterectomy operation for a fibroid condition at the Victoria Island based hospital in April 2021.

Until her death on 25 April, the 41-year-old Peju was the founder of a pastry company, I Luv Desserts. She died a few days after undergoing fibroid surgery at the hospital. After the surgery, she complained of severe abdominal pain and discomfort. Her blood pressure dropped to as low as 50/30.

She she was referred from Premier hospital to EverCare Specialist Hospital.


At Evercare, it was discovered that she had no pulse, and a subsequent CPR to revive her, failed.

The deceased husband, Ijoma Ugboma had accused Premier hospital of negligence resulting in her premature death.

In May 2021, the coroner’s inquest commenced to unravel the cause of death.

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