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Whitney Adeniran: I Won’t Bury Whitney Until Chrisland Admits Fault – Father



Mr Michael Adeniran, the father of the late 12-year-old student of Chrisland International School, Whitney Adeniran, who allegedly died during the school’s inter-house sports event last Thursday, has said he will not bury his daughter until the school admits their fault in her death

In a video interview with The PUNCH, Mr Adeniran noted that he had already purchased a coffin for his daughter.

He said “My child died at the venue of the stadium, your (Chrisland) nurse confirmed that and she knows exactly what happened to my daughter.

“What I want Chrisland to do is to come out, admit their errors, speak the truth and let my daughter rest. Chrisland school were the ones discouraging me from autopsy, I was shocked to read their press release were they said I rejected autopsy, when I’m the one that filed for it.

“At a point I was almost agreeing with them not to do autopsy, that is why I went ahead to tell them to buy a coffin, but I later thought about it. And I said if I bury this child without finding out the truth, I will live with the guilt for the rest of my life.”


He demanded that Chrisland should explain what actually happened to his daughter, he added that she had no health condition or sickness as of the time the school bus picked her up for the event.

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