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Police Arrest kidnapper In Viral Video



 Bayelsa kidnap kingpin nabbed in Abuja, moved to Yenagoa

John Lyon, popularly known for flaunting loads of money on social media, has been arrested by police detectives for allegedly belonging to a kidnap syndicate operating in Bayelsa.

Policemen trailed John, who goes by the alias Lion, to Abuja, where they nabbed him on Saturday.

The suspect, who flaunts his wealth on social media, is believed to be involved in several kidnap incidents around Yenagoa, the state capital.

HelenEventBlog saw a video showing the alleged kidnapper, kneeling on the bare floor while being handcuffed and interrogated by persons who sounded like police detectives.

In the one minute, 29 seconds video, Mr Lyon, barely clad in a boxer, confessed to the crime though he claimed he had only participated in only two of his syndicate’s kidnap operations.


He also pleaded for mercy, claiming that his wife had just put to bed and delivered of a baby.

In the video, HelenEventBlog noticed the voice of a man in the background claiming he was one of Mr Lyon’s victims while noting that the suspect must have kidnapped more than two persons.

The man claimed he once fell prey as Mr Lyon and his gang abducted him and threatened to “waste” him if he would refuse to pay ransom for his release.

A search conducted on Mr Lyon’s social media page (Facebook) showed that the suspect once worked for Sterling bank between 2008 and 2014.

His social media posts showed him flaunting luxurious items and displaying wads of dollars while asking his followers to “hustle for their money.”


There are pictures of him posing at different social gatherings, posing with security details.

Police spokesperson in Bayelsa, Asinim Butswat, confirmed Mr Lyon’s arrest on Sunday, saying the suspect is currently in custody.

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