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Govt Officials Must Be Treated in Nigeria, They Should Die Here – Femi Falana




Rights activist Femi Falana has echoed his demand that all government officials be treated in Nigeria.

The legal leading light reiterated his position on Thursday at the first anniversary of the late Mohammed Fawehinmi Lecture in Lagos.

Falana said the country needed a law barring all public office holders from going overseas for medical care.

“Anybody who holds public office must be treated in Nigeria for any health challenge.


“Public office holders must die here. Enough of health tourism”, NAN quoted him saying.

The lawyer hailed Vice President Yemi Osinbajo for undergoing knee surgery at a hospital in Lagos.

On the 2023 elections, Falana charged citizens to question presidential flagbearers on the nation’s problems.

He said the candidates should be asked to provide their solutions regarding the health and education sectors, insecurity, economy, among others.

“I don’t care which party you belong to; what is important is that people should ask questions and reject the high living conditions”, Falana added.

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