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My Experience At Crossroads Bar and The Marroccaine Bar on a Friday Night



Where’s the best place to hangout on a Friday night between these two bars? Find out as I walk you through my experience.

Last week Friday was a super busy day for me. Filled with so many activities. I attended two fantastic events. I will fill you in on those events in a subsequent post. After my second event at Eko Hotel and suites , I decided to spend sometime at Crossroads. Crossroads bar is located inside Eko Hotel and Suites. A few people showed up. There were more guys than ladies. With lots of food and drinks being ordered by those who had come to have a good time.

Here’s my take on Crossroads… there wasn’t that much vibe. Like the kind of TGIF vibe you would expect. We were less than 50 .. more guys than ladies. The music was wack.. seems like the DJ didn’t get his act together. People weren’t singing along how much more dancing. More like people coming out to chill than have a bubbly nite out. I left crossroads at about 12 midnight and headed to the Maroccaine. Crossroads was pretty boring.. very obvious that the best place to hangout on a Friday isn’t Crossroads.

My EXPERIENCE AT The Maroccaine

The Maroccaine is located on Akin Ogunlewe Street in Victoria Island. Hanging out at the Maroccaine wasn’t even part of my plan for the night. My plan was to chill at Crossroads and head home. But I was too bored and wanted to have fun.. so I left for the Maroccaine.


When you want to mingle with cool guys and ladies, Maroccaine is the place to go.

When you want to dance to good music . Maroccaine is the place to groove.

When you want quick service .. Maroccaine is the place where you get efficient service from the staff.

They seem pretty organized and clean.. one thing I’ve noticed at the Maroccaine is that you hardly see hookers and ladies of the night hang around. The Maroccaine was bubbly with a perfect ambiance . The Maroccaine has a lot of spaces and you can hardly tell where exactly the rest room is located.. I reached out toon e of the staff who took me all the way to the rest room and guess what, it was extremely neat.



The Maroccaine doesn’t have a parking space but there are guys who hang around to help you secure your car while you are away.. there isn’t a fixed price for parking your car but you can always tip the guys when leaving.


My review of these bars are my own opinion and isn’t sponsored by the owners.

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