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Kirusa Launches MyGenie, A Novel Free Airtime App and AD Platform For Android 



Kirusa, a global leader in providing telecom and social media solutions, today launched MyGenie, a revolutionary free airtime app for prepaid android users in Nigeria. 

The MyGenie app lets android users explore and download new and popular android apps. MyGenie users are rewarded with free airtime credits for downloading, installing, and using these android apps. They can use the credits to recharge their mobile numbers, or gift the airtime credits to their friends and family. What’s more, MyGenie also provides free airtime credits when a user invites their friends to the app, and when their friends start downloading apps via MyGenie.

The apps that can be downloaded through MyGenie range from games to dating to local utility apps. Some of the apps available to MyGenie at the time of launch include InstaVoice, 474Recharge, Zamba Caller, APUD Launcher, Super B Cleaner, BBM, UC Browser, and more. 
Speaking on the occasion, Robert Masumbuko, Head Financial inclusion of African Development Bank said, “We are excited about MyGenie App being launched in Nigeria. African mobile app developers will now have the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience and get assured usage of their apps. It will also influence app usage market, thereby opening doors for fresh investments in this sector”. 
Speaking of the occasion of the launch, Anyanwu Jonnas Obinna, Head of Content Partnership in Twinpine said, ” MyGenie is a distruptive innovation in the mobile advertising space. We hope that it will carve out a new market for the app developers and support them in reaching their customers in more efficient ways than before.”
David Kruyt, App Owner, 474Recharge App, Said, ” MyGenie is an altogether new ways of promoting the app developer community. It is a simple way to reach out and get the app campaigns organized. The most exciting part is that MyGenie helps in usage and retention of the apps by incentivizing customers in Nigeria, making it a win-win for both app developers and customers.”
Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEP of Kirusa, shared on the launch, “Our vision is to grow the mobile ecosystem, and to fuel entrepreneurship in Nigeria, by creating a platform for the local app developers to reach out to their customers in a seamless manner, by assisting them in their app promoting efforts.”
The MyGenie app is an intuitive offering with a natural, seamless user interface that imparts a smooth experience to android users. The app is available to download from Google Play Store. It is currently available to android mobile users in Nigeria and will be extended to other African countries soon. 
App developers interested in promoting their apps on the MyGenie platform should contact
Kirusa is a global leader in providing mobile services that enrich people’s lives by helping them communicate, entertain, and work, from anywhere, and at any time. Kirusa’s solutions include InstaVoice, InstaVoice Celeb, InstaVoice Sports, InstaVoice Ring, MyGenie and the Kirusa Konnect. Mobile marketing suits, which are offered in partnership with over 40 mobile carriers in Africa, Asia, and LatAm, as well as via the App Store for iOS, Android & Windows. 
Kirusa solutions are built on its patented technology and it’s highly reliable, scalable multimodal & cloud platforms, which manage over 2.5 billion calls a month. Kirusa has been recognized as over 100 million mobile users in four continents every month. Kirusa has been recognized as one of Top 20 most promising technology companies by Silicon India, and one of Top 25 emerging technology companies by Smart Techie magazine. The InstaVoice app won the first prize at NJTC Mobile App Forum, and Informa selected InstaVoice as a finalist for the Best App in Africa. Headquartered in New Jersey and led by an experienced team of wireless telecom executives and technologists, Kisura has offices in four continents. InstaVoice is a US registered trademark of Kirusa, Inc. For more information, visit:

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