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How About Using Your Favourite Board Game As Your wedding Guest Book With Your Love Story Inputted As The Milestone.



So During Consultation,  the Groom was asked what he likes and doesn’t like, so I figured he needed some time to think about everything In details and he later responded with,” oh I Like playing Monopoly games…..and immediately I called the Team, and said to them,vThe #Fsiloveyou wedding Guest book would be a monopoly board game but this time, I want their Love Story inputted as a milestone on the board……


so I.e (if u look closely, u would see how they met, date, what happened in between, how he proposed, where he proposed, when they started dating etc) So categorically, just by looking at the board, you can summarize their Love Story at a glance) So if the couple or anyone gets around playing the Game, they play their Love Story all over again and if a Persistent rather inquisitive friend (Gbebòrun) Plays the game with them…..u can ask questions like…..oh really! Your first kiss was??? Oh wow, he proposed in Dubai??? Do u remember how you felt?? And the gist continues…etc


In a Nutshell,Your Guest book doesn’t have to be the regular Boring Book or a Spread of White Banners with people’s signatures on it…’s not useful to you after the wedding….Even during!

Credit:IPC Events

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