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The BrandMe Class held its second edition on Friday, 22nd of July 2016 at Genesis Sojourner Hotel, Lagos.

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The class was well represented by professionals, young and aspiring entrepreneurs.   The keynote speakers, Tosin Ajibade of OlorisupergalTemitope Olagbagi, CEO of Sixth Sense DécorDipo Adesida, Creative Director at Verdant ZealOlaolu OgundejiBelieve Buhari convener; and Charles Odii, COO of SME100 Nigeria were as well present.

The welcome address was delivered by the adorable television host, Pat Obilor, she welcomed everyone present at the event.

This year’s theme “BUILDING A BANKABLE BRAND” was focused in helping young business owners find their voice and take their place in the growing economy.

Tosin Ajibade also known as Olori Supergal had an interactive session with the participants as she talked on communicating your brand. She laid emphasis on four important things to do in order to communicate your brand effectively to the audience. First, being authentic and original, having conversations with your followers, providing relevant contents, and lastly using your brand to help others.


Temitope Olagbagi, CEO Sixth Sense Decors inspired the participants with her heartrending story, how she fought her way through the hustle during her university days and despite all the challenges she remained focused. She ended her discussion with this strong and touching words, “your brand begins from within, you alone will need to see the future before it comes and sometimes adversity can be your break just like mine, no matter the challenges you face you need to keep the hustle strong and ensure you connect with the greater being to remain relevant”.

Laolu Ogundeji, Believe Buhari convener who spoke on “Your Brand and Social Media” engaged the participants in a discussion on why they need to create a credible brand with the social media. He said the social media is used for a variety of purpose, you could decide to make the best use of it or be a follower; but to make your brand stand out online you need to define your story and make your purpose visible and well known. He also stated that creative designs helps innovations and brand loyalty.

Dipo Adesida, Creative Director at Verdant Zeal and Charles Odili COO of SME100 Nigeria left no stone unturned as they brilliantly delivered their presentation to the class.

Speaking with Jumoke Awe, CEO Octo Consult said “A lot of hard work went into making BrandMe Class go off so smoothly. The BrandMe Class, which is designed to help create a bespoke personal brand and for participants to connect to exceptional opportunities was indeed a great success. We have been very fortunate to have a set of well-known experts from different spheres of life as our speakers, their delivery and ability to engage with participants was just exceptional, participants in the room including myself left with new ideas and insights on how to build a bankable brand.

 She also appreciated her amiable team, speakers’, moderators, participants and sponsors for making the class a success. See more pictures below


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