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The long awaited cultural festival in abuja started on the 22nd of April 2016 as scheduled. The festival started around 8am with different African artifacts on display. On the first day there was an interactive section on child abuse, film and documentary show, masquerade display and music concert…..

The musical concert feature Lagos and Abuja based Artist, there was spoken word poetry interlude by AFRICA , P FRESH AND OMOAWE who wowed the audience with their performances and other contemporary singers and song writers FEMI LEYE, JURELL etc the list was countless before the Glo ambassador musician BEZ came on stage and had the audience dancing to good music….

The second day was more fun with top acts like performance poet DIKE CHUKWUMERIJE, YAASKY and AFRICA who concluded his poetry rendition with this word “DONT CALL ME BLACK, I AM AFRICAN” and mix of some other contemporary musician and instrumentalist Christian musician JEREMIAH GYANG, OLEKU crooner BRYMO and the show ended with Abuja based African alternative musician CEF. The show was brought to an exiting end with burnfire.
I would say Nigeria is blessed with tallents because listening to this young musician and instrumentalist felt like I was listening to the likes of “DON WILLIAMS” of blessed memory, Luther vandross, all their rendition where nice. 

The crowd where also there cheering the musicians and dancing to their tunes. 

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