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H.E.B Proposal Stories: Antonia & Christopher’s Proposal Made Possible By God’s Divine Intervention



7 months ago, I appeared on @capt_sparks instagram “Explore” page (Just incase you didn’t get the memo, instagram is the new facebook and no.1 hookup social media platform ?) by God’s divine intervention. Yes, because I honestly believe our meeting was destined to happen.


After stalking my page (he’ll never admit he stalked though ?), he found out we had a mutual friend @optixbaba and proceeded to make inquiries about me and also ask for my contact details. This is where divine intervention was working for us again because Big Daddy knows how I’d have reacted if he had just DM’ed me ??

Chris didn’t waste time to make his intentions clear on our first date and I recall laughing at his boldness (which attracted me to him more). Fast forward to 3 weeks after our first date, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said YES. Yes because I wasn’t just sure, I was convicted. That this was the man I waited for four years to find me. The one who would not just love, respect (my purity) and cover me but also present me to God without blemish! My husband. Yesterday, I said YES. Again. This time to being his wife. His partner. His help meet. It’s all so surreal! I had been told that my standards were too high and that’s why I was single for so long. Some even made jokes that maybe Jesus Christ himself would come and be the spouse I was waiting for. Lol! In a funny way, their words came to pass. God didn’t have to send Jesus Christ again (He already did) but He sent me my very own (Christ)opher ? #CheesyIsMyMiddleName?

I love you and I appreciate you @capt_sparks. You make me so happy

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