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Nomoreloss’ Last Big Performance Before His Death (Photos)



On Friday, August 21, 2015 the monthly event Afropolitan Vibes held another edition at the Freedom Park, Ikoyi with the now late Nomoreloss, Waje and Venus Bushfires headliners for the day.

Fans were thoroughly glad to watch veteran singer Nomoreloss perform to hundreds as he impressed all with his stage presence, performing his hits like ‘Iyawo asiko’ and ‘Ololufe’.

The event put together by Ade Bantu and his crew was a fun night of Afrocentric music, unplugged performances, and vocals.

Nomoreloss pased away on March 21, 2016 after a brief illness, his family confirmed in a statement.

See below to get a glimpse of the energy and love for music the veteran singer had before his untimely death.
Credit: Pulseng

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