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How To Successfully Explore The Aso Ebi Business Market In Nigeria



H.E.B recently had a chat with the young, vibrant, Aso Ebi Planner, Juliet Ukpabio.
Aso Ebi
Read her tips on how to successfully explore the Aso Ebi  business market in Nigeria
H.E.B: Can we meet you and what do you do?
Juliet: I am miss Juliet Ukpabio Archibong. A graduate of international trade with major in retail branding. I am 26 years old and from a large family. I’m a serial entrepreneur, currently, my interest has spanned to most aspects of events. I sell fabrics and wedding dresses for both single and Asoebi orders.
H.E.B: What informed your decision to start the business?
Juliet: I have been very fascinated by dress up and putting ensembles together, I was planning on quiting my job at the agency I worked and kept wondering what I will do next and I just believed my passion would guide me. So I started going to the market. I had a few fabric Marchand friends and I understudied them. I will go to their shops and sit the whole day. I found fulfillment just attending to customers and I knew it was the real thing for me. I started running adverts from my smart phone and here we are telling the success story.
H.E.B: What were the challenges you faced when you started out and how did you overcome those challenges.
Juliet: I actually had challenges at different stages. 1st stage was getting direct suppliers, so I had issues with delivery and pricing. 2nd stage was transferring cash, dollar fluctuation. I had to adjust prices and cut my margin to accommodate the general owambe guest budget. 3rd is dealing with customers. I just recently realized, you don’t try to be overly nice and considerate, just be a shrud business woman.
H.E.B: What do you think about those who rip people off all in the name of buying Aso ebi?
Juliet: I think it is what nigerians like. U know, if it’s not expensive, they would not know if the wedding is worthy to be attended or not as the price the aso ebi speaks aloud of how expensive the event is going to be. But really, I think it’s so unfair to rip people off. Because u shouldn’t bill people to have a large wedding, that is not their business
H.E.B: Aso ebi goes for about 300k, don’t you think these prices are outrageous?
Juliet: That’s outrageous and completely off the point of the whole event.
H.E.B: What is your take on brides who quarrel with friends who doesn’t buy Aso ebi?
Juliet: I think they are not ready to be married. Its as simple as that.
H.E.B: Are there steps on how to successfully start Aso Ebi business?
Juliet: Be sure what need in the market your service is filling. Compare prices on suppliers, the internet is a good source of information. Understudy a retailer for trade relationship management and operations pattern. Launch your brand.
H.E.B: How do you win new clients?
Juliet: Mostly by referrals
H.E.B: Thank you for your time
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  1. Oluwaseun olorunjuwon

    May 25, 2019 at 6:20 pm

    Thanks for the info. God bless. Could you pls mentor me more on aso ebi business. I shall be so grateful if you do. Thank you

  2. Olaofe Mary Oluwakemi

    January 21, 2021 at 11:32 am

    Please l need your advice on how to do asoebi business

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