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How To Be A Pleasant House Guest



In this part of the world, there is always a need to attend social occasions for so many reasons. Life can be seen as a series of exciting celebrations, including weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies, graduations, anniversaries, retirement parties and burial ceremonies; in addition to the many public holidays that occur each year.


Many of these occasions have specific traditions and it could be fun as well as a time of reunion when we stay with family and friends for the duration of the occasion. However, there are etiquette rules and guidelines that must be followed when you are a guest or hosting. Etiquette finds its way into every interaction we have, from planning a party to staying as a guest in someone’s home.

There are some things in life we take for granted — like assuming that everyone knows how to behave, what to do, and what not to do while visiting someone’s home. Even if that someone is a family member, you still need to remember you are a guest in their home.

Being a houseguest or hosting a guest is an experience which connotes being a good company, and the stay is best enjoyed with clear expectations and healthy respect for boundaries.

As a guest, it’s your job to put all your positive qualities on display: enthusiasm, friendliness, consideration, and thoughtfulness. Whether they’re close family, more distant relatives, friends, colleagues, it is important to be a gracious guest. It could make all the difference between a pleasant stay, or never being invited again.


The number one rule of the thumb for guests is that you should never arrive unannounced. Staying over at someone’s home is not a time to make surprise visits. Also never arrive with empty hands. As a matter of necessity, you must take along gifts for the children or food items like fruits, wine, decoration or a gift you know your host would appreciate is always a good way to start off the visit.

There is also more to being a good houseguest than just being nice and arriving with gifts. No matter how closely you’re related or how well you know your friends, being a guest in someone’s home calls for a little extra sensitivity and awareness. Follow the rhythms of the house for meals and bedtimes and if you are with your kids, teach them not to touch toys, computer games and other gadgets without your consent and not just the consent of the host.

Another important etiquette for guests is to be self-sufficient. Don’t expect your host to entertain you every minute. Also, don’t use their towels, shaving sticks, bath sponge, toothbrush, roll on, perfumes, make ups and other personal stuffs. Bring your own toiletries. Don’t count on your host to stock the guest bathroom cabinet with everything you might need and even if they do, try to use your stuffs.

Keep your space tidy and also teach your children and teenagers to keep their space tidy. It is a put off when a houseguest leaves the bathroom floor wet, and when they are over-bearing like taking over the remote control and the kitchen. It is up to the guest to do their best to avoid tense situations.

Dressing is another sensitive and important issue for house guests. The mode of dressing should never be repulsive or seductive. Staying over at a friend’s house is not a time to walk around the house without bra particularly for teenage girls and even the mothers, or with bum shorts, or with sexy night wear.


The men too should not walk about in their singlets and boxers or tying towels around. It is very important to observe personal cleanliness before coming out of the guest room to join your hosts.

As we approach another yuletide period, it is important to plan your trips and inform your host ahead of time that your family would be visiting and staying with them for Christmas. Endeavour to respect the arrival time and stick to the departure time.

Because nothing beats the fun and relaxation of staying with those you know and love, it is important never to overstay your welcome. Following these tips will help to make your stay enjoyable for yourself and your hosts.

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