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A Man Shouldn’t Always Kneel To Propose To His Woman | Read Comedian Alibaba’s Latest Rant



It’s not every man that goes on one knee to propose. Some do the two knees. And I have seen many men who did not even kneel at all. I have known couples who had dated and become soooooo embedded that when the time came they just knew.

There was no “will you marry me?” Question. The guy got the ring, it fitted. They fixed dates and every body was happy. 

toolz engaged

I agree, what is what doing is worth doing well. I had a good laugh when I thought about my own proposal… Because asking will you marry me would have just been an overkill. Yes ke! I don ask tire. So when the day came, it’s me SEF that now said Ehen, you didn’t even say anything again about that marriage talk. May be its just me, some relationships get to a point, it just awards different waivers. And that is what I am about today. There are some people who are still sticking to, he must go down on one knee. It must be at a waterfront… You be mammie water? Others say he must not do it at home. It must be at a cinema, market square, concert, mama put, just after church service, at a bus stop… ( NA conductor you wan marry?) I take beg GOD you, if you have checked out the vitals, and they all checked out in your list, waive some cosmetic stuff. Stuff like he must have 6 packs, stay on the island, have broad shoulders, pedigree, have a mustache, Mohawk, always in suit, drive an SUV, have a Ph.D., speak spree spree and have pointed nose… Waivers don’t mean you don’t know what’s up. Or that you don’t have standards. You just look ahead for the overall good of all concerned. So if he is lying on the bed or in the bathroom having a bath and says KEMI, there is a box there on the dresser, is you ring. Check if it fits. So we can start the other arrangements, my sister, if he is a good man, forget going down on one knee.

The man is already down for you, heads shoulders knees and toes. Don’t humble him any further. BTW, does going on one knee when he proposed guarantee anything? I think it’s up to you. Even people who are on their knees daily as pastors, sometimes don’t em em,,, never mind. So my dear brothers, anyhow you can, once she qualifies, just do it. And to my sisters when he does do it, take your thing jare.

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