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What It Feels Like To Fly On The Wings Of South African Airways



I was looking forward to my first trip outside Nigeria.   In as much as I was looking forward to that,  I was also looking forward to my flight .  I hoped to have a good experience and indeed that was what I had.


I had a fantastic experience to and fro of the trip via South African Airways.
Let me tell oyu about it.
Once on board,  we were greeted by the crew members.
On  South Africa Airways flight,  you would find a pillow,  a noise cancelling headphone,  socks,  eye mask,  toothbrush and paste and a blanket. The blanket was very very useful.  I could almost feel like I was home.  I covered myself up from head to toe.
 On South African Airways flight,  you would be served everything, from drinks to dinner etc. A good thing about South African Airways is that you are given the choice to select what you want from their menu for the flight. Which I
feel is lovely.

I love the entertainment option on South African Airways.  The touch screen set has several entertainment option for you to choose from.  You can watch foreign movies,  African movies and just in case you’re not a movie person.  You have the option to listen to good music.


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