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My First Experience: Flight From Lagos To Joburg #FlySAA



Whoop, dear HEBers, your favorite blogger is now in Mauritius! Like I said in my first post, this is my first trip out of Nigeria so I was looking forward to it, who wouldn’t, lol!
That Sunday, I woke up, made breakfast and by 6pm, my sister and a family friend dropped me off at the airport.
Before leaving home my mum gave me some advice
Mum: Madam,  oya sit down
Helen: Ok
Mum: When you get to the airport,  don’t collect anybody’s bag o
Helen : Ok
Mum: And don’ t leave your bag with anybody
Helen : Ok ma
Mum: If you have to use the toilet,  carry your bag oo.
Helen: Ok ma
I looked pretty, my face looked all well made up but the stress at the immigration section was something else.
I’ve heard a lot about how people complain about immigration guys at the airport.  I experienced a full dose of their frustration.
We finally scaled immigration wahala and headed to board the flight to SA.
Meanwhile, I have two new friends.  Adeola and Eniola.
While the plane was warming up for takeoff,   I could see a wing of the plane from where I was seated.  Soon as the plane took off.  I stretched my neck to see what the view looked like outside.  I totally forgot myself. I stretched like I was copying from someone’s answer booklet in an exam hall.  Then I noticed the guy seated by the window looking at me and smiling.
I said to myself,   this guy is looking at me sha!  Chai,  Helen oya oya oya oya arrange yourself..  don’t make it obvious that you’re just travelling for the first time. Lol!   I could slightly see the view but I couldn’t resist so I stretched again..  This time,  i ignored the guy staring at me.  Then I said ok.  Nepa hasn’t taken the light.. Lol! Few hours later, we landed in Joburg. We had a smooth flight.
Stay tuned as i bring you more updates 🙂
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1 Comment

  1. odinga

    September 12, 2015 at 3:20 am

    weldone keep the flag flying

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