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7 Rules Of Becoming A Classy Guest At A Nigerian Party



Being a classy guest is not all about being  a well-groomed lady with perfectly done up hair, makeup and nails, immaculately dressed in classic outfits  and matching accessories. 

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For me the first thing that comes to mind is usually how poised and elegant they look. Below are 7 rules of been a classy woman at a Nigerian party.

Rule No 1. Good Mannerism: A classy guest is always well-mannered. She greets people in a friendly manner, she’s generous with her smiles and is always ready to say ‘sorry’, ‘please’, ‘thank-you’ and ‘welcome’ at the appropriate time. Being loud and foul mouth are top taboos. The moment where a woman utter expletives or talk like a public nuisance is where she is declaring to the whole world that she’s a disaster. The key here is to avoid being rude and inconsiderate to others.

Rule 2: A Classy guest Thinks Before Speaking: A classy guest is certainly not one who babbles non-stop and let loose her tongue without any self-restrain. Gossiping and bitching about others are something that she don’t participate, even though such discussion can be going on. This applies to arguments too. While a classy woman has a right to have her own opinions and is free to express them, she also knows when to walk away from one if the argument turns heated. She does not need to win an argument just to prove her point. It doesn’t mean she accepts defeat, she is simply a gracious lady by choosing to end the discussion instead of letting anger turn her into an ugly monster like her counterpart.

Rule 3: Good Social Etiquette: There are many aspects to what constitute good social etiquette, but the basics always include sitting upright and not slouching, not propping your leg up on the other like a man, talking when there’s still food in your mouth, eating with mouth opened, yawning with mouth wide opened and uncovered. Good hygiene is also part of her lifestyle. This means no wiping of nose with her sleeves, no body odors, no burping out loud in public, or worst still, spitting and nose-digging in public.


Rule 4: Modesty Is A Good Virtue: This means we will not expect diva-like antics, boastfulness and haughtiness coming from a classy guest. She accepts compliments with sincere gratitude, treats everyone with respect and sees no need to display power over anyone. This also applies to her dressing. She dresses not to impress, but to express. She knows her body well enough to dress in a way that enhances her beauty. Something that will hide her flaws, fits her perfectly yet suits her style. Flamboyant dressing, over-the-top look, showing of too much skin and cleavage is also almost a no-no. It doesn’t mean she cannot show her nice skin or cleavage at all. If she does, the purpose is always to enhance and not to attract attention, so it must be done appropriately and in good taste. A classy guest is a big fan of subtlety; she is confident enough to know that she doesn’t need to dress loudly or be seen in the latest trends all the time to make a statement.

Rule 5: Authenticity: A classy woman is free to be herself. She laughs heartily when she’s joyful, cry when she’s sad, empathize with others who are going through pain and dances when she feels like it. She knows how to enjoy herself and embraces life with a positive outlook. A classy woman is  non-pretentious.

Rule 6: Putting Best Face Forward: Stepping out of the house to a party with a bare-face is a rarity for a classy guest. Unless she has perfect, flawless and even-toned skin, otherwise there will always be some makeup done to cover up her flaws. The key is to look bright and healthy, not pale, tired and sickly.

Rule 7: Confidence:  Without confidence, it is almost impossible to live as a true classy guest. Confidence means not having to play miss-nice all the time just to get others’ approval, not trying to manipulate or impress people, and certainly not putting others down and elevating oneself. It means being sure of your value and worth as a great woman no matter what people say. A classy guest knows how to embrace and bring out her femininity. She has her own thoughts and opinions and is not afraid to speak up at the right time, but also knows when is the appropriate time to step back and tone down.










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