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My daughter needed a mobile phone. She goes to school and wanted to call her to find out about how things are going and when to take it. Buying a new device in the shops is expensive. After all, she might lose it or break. Ask around through friends. But nobody was selling the phone. I was advised to go to and here to pick up the model.

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And so i did. Great website. It sells a variety of products, and the price guaranteed to be lower than in supermarkets. Moved into the category of “Mobile Phones” and began looking smartphones. There were new models at affordable prices. With cameras, with MP3, with touch screen and other options. After two hours of browsing I found one ad that attracted me. The seller gave the phone at an affordable price. As a gift he promised headphones and case.

Case cell phone pink. Just for a little girl. Before you call, have watched a couple dozen boards. It was the best. Below it was written that the seller is willing to make allowances.

We met and discussed the price. He gave her ten percent. It’s a bit, but I’m happy. As for the quality of the device, there are no disadvantages. It is seen that the model is supported. There are scratches on the back cover. Daughter appreciated the gift. After all, there is still camera.


Plan to buy a tablet here for yourself. I need a model to access the Internet. Already communicate with the seller. He said he is willing to do a discount if I buy a tablet this week. Thank you!

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