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The Thoughts Of A Custom Cake Baker By Zaahad




Every baker has had to deal with clients who complain about their cake prices and compare their cakes to store bought cakes. It’s really unfair comparison. Yes, you can get a 9 inch celebration cake at Walmart for $30 or less. A cake of the same size will cost you about $70 – $90 when custom made. What people don’t see is the fact that though those cakes at Walmart can be decorated within 5 minutes in your presence, custom cakes take time and effort. Custom cakes are the result of months, weeks, days and hours of labor. What they don’t see is the custom baker toiling late at night on his/her feet in order to create (not copy) a master piece.

What they don’t see are the boxes of frozen sponges coming to those grocery stores. What they don’t see are the tubs of artificial butter cream filled with all manner of preservatives. What they don’t see is the custom baker shopping for the best ingredients and making their cakes from scratch. What they don’t see is the price of all the structures that go into making cakes come out perfect. What they don’t see is the price of real butter which custom bakers use as opposed to crisco and oil which are used in mass produced cakes. What they don’t see are the disasters that happen which custom bakers have to correct before the cake gets to the client. What they don’t do is compare the taste, quality and designs of custom made cakes with commercial cakes.

So please, next time you meet a custom baker to make a cake for you, if you feel the price is too high, simply thank them for their time and go grab that poorly designed and low quality cakes from your local grocery store.

But please do not compare both cakes. It’s an unfair comparison.?

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