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Senator Dino Melaye’s Customized Luxury Wines…. What’s The Big Deal About It?



 Senator, Dino Melaye, celebrated his election into the national assembly with Customized Luxury wines. The picture you see surfaced on social media a few days ago and it obviously didn’t go down well with alot of people. I really do not know what the big deal is because, a whole lot of Nigerians spend millions on customized champagne wines and even customized table water for parties.  Why is this different? Is it because he is a Senator?

Dino Melaye

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  1. lawrence Joe

    June 17, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    If I won a lottery I would celebrate with the picture of my success,so what?who cares if he celebrated with expensive stuffs?is there any actual celebration that doesn’t cost a thing?let’s be honest,if we truly all were concerned about spending for the less privileged why then do we encourage the sale of these same luxury drinks in our society?the same people who slam him for doing this are the same people who buy ps4 and iphone6 ignoring the begger and crippled who begs them at a junction,he has money its his money and the money is to serve him,he can only put into consideration on what to do or not do with his money,so I don’t think sharing an image of a drink with a couple of friends on the media is a crime,if taking a selfie with a brand new bag and jewelry isn’t a crime then I think its time all those hating on him give him some air.

  2. Lanke

    June 17, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    I don’t wanna blv it’s real. If it’s then I wonder the kind of activism that’s in melaye, the believe that he was an activist and his synonymous actions as first timer in d House of Reps made PDP pitched tents against him and got the kind of treatment he got there. Melaye has been my man hence I wanna blv the wine was done as a gift for his bd by some friends

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