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Photos: Youtube Nigeria Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary With Toke Makinwa, Ariyike Akinbobola, Olisa Adibua & Others



Gathering at an event today in Victoria Island, Lagos, top Nigerian YouTube creators Toke Makinwa, Olisa Adibua, Ariyike Akinbobola, Naija’s Craziest and TechCity NG came together to talk about how they are leveraging YouTube to reach audiences, share their passions and, in some cases, earn money too.   In 2014, YouTube views in Nigeria increased by 78%, while views of Nigerian content increased by 95% – a testament of to the role YouTube is playing in the export of Nigerian content.

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Speaking on the event, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, West Africa Communication and Public Affairs Manager said the event was aimed at leveraging the 10th anniversary of YouTube to spotlight Nigerians who inspite of all odds are constantly sharing content, and by so doing, are building their own fan bases. “Some people still think only highly trained individuals or people with access to funds can create content and run YouTube channels. it is our hope that by showcasing the inspiring work that these individual creators are doing, we are able to help inspire more nigerians to begin to share more video content. With you need little or no start-up capital”, he says.

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YouTube attracts a global generation that has grown up watching what they want, whenever they want, on whatever device is closest. Globally, 50% of YouTube’s staggering billions of hours of monthly watch-time comes from mobile devices.  On average, 60% of a channel’s views come from outside the creator’s home country.

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“Since the launch of the Nigeria domain in December 2011, YouTube has grown to become one of the top online destinations for Nigerians looking for inspiration and creative expression. Nigerian creators have also taken advantage of the power of large number of local and global viewers getting on the platform on a daily basis. Today, Nigeria entertainment content like nollywood movies and music videos by local nigerian artists are being consumed across the world, and are thus generating tens of millions of views” said Kola-Ogunlade.

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“There are now more than one million channels earning revenue through the YouTube Partnership Program, in more than 30 countries, and it’s exciting to see more Partners coming on board in Nigeria too.  Globally, partner revenue across YouTube has increased by 60% over the past year andpartner revenue from mobile ad sales has tripled.”


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Among the creators spotlighted were Toke Makinwa (channel) and Ariyike Akinbobola (channel) who run regular monologues on everything  from self-improvement to relationship issues in a loose, funny manner; Techcityng (channel) which features the bubbly BellaRose Okogie reviews and analyses mobile devices like phones, tablets and all things ICT.

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On the entertainment tip, veteran Broadcaster Olisa Adibua (channel) interviews headliners in the worlds of entertainment and politics to get at “The Truth” and the irreverent crew from Naijas Craziest (channel) extract the comedy and satire from politics and life’s other absurdities.

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YouTube has become the go-to destination for video footage on the web.  The volume of content unites people from all walks of life through video.  To find out more about YouTube and becoming a YouTube Partner, go to:

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