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FCT Minister, Bala Mohammed Task Force Kills Girl A Month To Wedding



Bala 1


The young lady whose lifeless body is seen here in was murdered barely a month to her wedding as seen in this report below.

She was just one month away from her wedding, everything has been put in place for the most memorable day of her life, but the enemies of progress won’t let that be, they snuffed the life out of her in a more painful and bizarre manner.
This is what is left of Miss Anuoluwa Moses, a young lady in her early 20s who was killed by a trigger happy Naval officer on the convoy of members of the ABUJA ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY at Kado Estate of the FCT.
In our exclusive investigation, everything seems to be normal in the middle class area of the FCT on Saturday 16th May 2015 until hell was let loose by the members of this notorious outfit under the watch of outgoing FCT Minister, Bala Mohammed.
On the said day, fully armed members of the agency stormed Kado Estate around Conoil Oil Filling Station in a bid to arrest and seize petroleum products being hawk by some young men.

bala 2

On sighting the task force, which also was accused of killing two fuel hawkers at Wuse 2 area of the city last week, the young men took to their heels. The petroleum products being hawked were abandoned by some of them while the others ran away with theirs.

The action of the task force infuriated some of the sellers who were mostly young men from the northern part of the country.
They started hauling stones and sand at the task force members, Instead of responding with teargas as is the norm in other civilized countries, the leader of the task force was reported to have ordered his men to shoot live bullets at the young men.
In the course of doing so, an innocent lady (Anuoluwa) who has just finished having her lunch and was heading back to her office was hit by a live bullet that pierced her through the back, went through her heart and breast…She fell and died instantly.


Another young man also had bullet lodged in his body…All this happened at D Close, Kado Estate.The task force were not done, they also went ahead to set three vehicles that were on the queue to buy fuel at Conoil Petrol Station, Kado Estate on fire. The confusion generated by the death of the young lady was still felt when we visited the area.
We learnt that a blanket media mention of the incident was placed by the FCT minister and his aides just like some of the ones before it.

Anuoluwa an indigene of Osun State was buried last Monday at Jubilee Burial ground at Suleja , Niger State while the would be husband is still in a state of shock. As of the time of going to press, we cannot confirm if the perpetrators of this terrible act have been arrested or not…


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