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Diary Of A Photographer: The Moment That Trigger Tears By Riddy Visuals




Wedding day is a big day in any humans life . Its the day you decide to live with someone you love for the rest of your life . The day you will say goodbye to old single or bachelor life and embrace someone into your world . Even though the groom is always happy to see this day , the bride is the most happiest because it is not easy to finally find that person upon all the deceit and lies from various guys .

The wedding day is the greatest and happiest day for every lady and yet I do see a lot of bride crying whenever am shooting a wedding . I always wonder , why cry when you are very happy and then I realize again , it is at that moment when the bride is dancing with her father that the tears will be rushing down . So I ask the question what triggers the tears and why do bride tend to cry when dancing with her father?

There is an hypothetical belief that there is a strong bond between father and daughter . The love is always so strong that sometimes the mother will be jealous. Some fathers’ doesn’t show it while some can’t hide it . The love they have for their daughter is so much and the daughter is so close to her dad also . But then why didn’t she cry all along and why it was when she was dancing with her dad and late “luther vandross” track “dance with my father” playing, its when the tears come rushing ?

This is because at that moment it is now glaring to her that her loving father , hero that always protected her won’t be able to do that anymore because she is now entering a new world and her dad won’t be her mirror any more. Also, we are only humans and we tend to be very emotional , definitely tears will fall . Don’t get me wrong , Its not as if because you getting married you will be banished from seeing your family , but your husband family is now your first family . Whenever am shooting and the bride is crying , I look around and I see her friends crying with her . it is a great feeling , it shows you cherish what you had and appreciate your family . It is not easy to leave the world you know behind and embrace a new one . The day i saw the groom crying was an exceptional day. But i will leave that story for another time

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