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Amazing Flower Wall Designs You’ll Love To Have At Your Event



floral wall 1

There’s a new trend in the wedding industry and am sure you may have seen it at some weddings you may have attended. It is the amazing flower wall… Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West sets the trend for the wedding flower wall and the whole world went agog. If you’re getting married and you think your wedding ceremony or reception , then the flower backdrop is it. You can have the flower wall design in fresh flowers or silk flowers, paper flowers, greenery and accent designs.

floral wall 2
Floral design is a key piece to creating an extravegant look at your event. There are so many ways to use flowers from single sterms to bouquets, table decor to celling drapes, and so much more. Floral backdrops are making waves in events around the world and in a good way. Checkout some of the designs we’ve put together to give you an idea of what you’ll want your’s to look like at your event.

floral wall 3


floral wall 4

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