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The Toasts: All You Need To Know About Who Gives A Toast And When





Toasts are not as simple as raising a glass and saying a few kind words. Tradition calls for some standards to pouring the champagne, order of whose speaking, and who may offer up some thoughts based on the type of reception you’re throwing. Here, every toast technicality you should keep in mind before you hold your reception.

First thing’s first: Pouring champagne for toasts is totally dictated by what type of reception you’re throwing. If you’re throwing a more formal, sit-down reception. If you’re having a cocktail reception where some guests may be standing while others sit, it’ll be served once everyone’s made their way through the receiving line.

The first person to stand up and give a toast is the best man. When anyone is giving a toast everyone stands except for the bride and groom.  If someone is solely toasting the bride, though, the groom should stand and visa versa.  If the bride and groom wish to make a toast to the guests, they can stand together but should not speak at the same time, rather take turns saying their thoughts.





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