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Getting Started In The Nigeria Event Industry




Advice from H.E.B

1. For new event professionals the best way to learn the business is to follow the industry’s best practices for success. Check out what these influencers have to say and their tips on getting started in the event industry

2. The more focused you are, the better you can be.

3. So my biggest advice to someone starting their own company is to start really small. Do not overextend, look at your expenses very carefully. Start with no employees and build up. Do fewer events and make sure they’re profitable. Make sure your bottom line is a plus. It’s very easy to be very busy but the point is to be sustainable and to keep moving on. Survival is most important.

4. Collaboration. We’re all in this together and we’re going to achieve greatness together, that’s how it happens. Anyone who gets into the event industry has a has a creative soul, someone who’s a doer and an achiever and that’s what it takes to get into the event industry.



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