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Aftermath Of AMVCA: Award Winning Makeup Artist, Lola Maja Share’s Her Thoughts On Tearing Someone Else Down



Lola Maja

Award winning makeup artist Lola Maja had this to say about everyone on social media been mean  And  Been An Official Fashion critic.


“I may not agree with Madonna’s last choice for her red carpet dress (or lack of it) but I respect her as an artist and I respect what she’s achieved in life. I also respect Hilary Clinton for everything she’s gone through to get to where she is today. The#amvca2015 has social media buzzing about who wore what. Everyone is an official fashion police critic. But alot of comments go beyond critique. Alot of comments are actually women just being bitches to other women. After you’ve finished tearing someone else down, do you go about your everyday life feeling better about yourself, confident in the knowledge that if you were at that event you would have made a better choice. You would have slayed it.. Your hair and makeup would have been on fleek.. Maybe.. But does it really matter? My mother always brought me up with the values of “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all” .. If it’s not constructive criticism intended to help someone better themselves then it’s just hate. I’m tired.. Happy #InternationalWomensday.. Remember, women are our own biggest enemies. Think twice before commenting, is it really necessary to be so mean to make yourself sound smart?





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