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Highlights And Photos From Tunde Kelani’s Birthday




Tunde Kelani popularly known as TK is a Nigerian filmmaker, storyteller, director, photographer, cinematographer and producer. He celebrated his birthday yesterday at Ozone Cenemas. The event started about 6pm with fans of Tunde who showed up to watch his new movie ‘Dazzling Mirage’. At about 7pm, Kunle Afolayan, Kemi Lala Akindoju and Bayo Bankole arrived at the venue. Fan’s of these celebrities had a swell time taking pictures and selfies.



Tunde Kelani 3


Tunde Kelani 4


Tunde Kelani 5



Tunde Kelani 6


Tunde Kelani 8


Tunde Kelani 9


Tunde Kelani 10


Tunde Kelani 11



Tunde Kelani 13


Tunde Kelani 14

Tunde Kelani 20

Tunde Kelani 18

Tunde Kelani 17

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