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The Biggest Detail Of Planning An Event – Location



Finding the perfect venue for your event goes far beyond its facilities and location – much of the really important stuff is in the contract.

Be prepared to scrutinise the terms and conditions, don’t be embarrassed to ask venues to clarify any ‘legalese’ and don’t be afraid to negotiate!

Whatever you do, here are some venue contract questions you must always ask before signing on the dotted line. Asking your event venue the right questions at the booking stage will not only ensure you get maximum value, it can help you avoid nasty surprises and save you unexpected expenditure.

1. What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation terms can vary enormously from venue to venue so it is essential to double check the non-refundable deposit.

2 What’s included in the price?


Do not make any assumptions as to what may be free – clarify whether mineral water, sweets, flip charts, pen and paper are included in room hire charges. Don’t presume “fixtures” such as the data projector in the ceiling are included in the price.

3. Can I bring in outside suppliers?

Some venues require you to use in-house or preferred suppliers or will charge a fee for use of outside suppliers. Be clear about the policy; you want the best production value for your event and if you are limited in who you can partner with, it could be detrimental to your event.

4. What access can I get to the venue for set-up?

Work out how long it is likely to take to load-in and set-up for your event. Big productions can take a lot of time to put in place and you may have to rent the venue for more than just the event day. Request any associated fees be included in the proposal. Depending on the amount of total revenue, venues will often allow a day of set-up free of charge, which you should aim to negotiate.


5. Do you guarantee delegates the best rates room rates?

For residential events you want to ensure you’re getting the best room rates. Check a couple of price comparison websites to make sure your rate is competitive. Make sure the hotel agrees that the special group rate for hotel rooms will remain lower than the rack rate and this rate is guaranteed.

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